Sheep Farming Tips – Important Facilities and Equipment Needed

by admin on August 9, 2013

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Sheep Farming Tips – Important Facilities and Equipment Needed


Housing: Sheep do not need plush housing if you are considering of sheep farming business. Adult sheep will need a barn which is draft free so they can avoid the wind and snow. It does not need to be very warm for them however you will need to think about the animals which are housed outside for the winter. They will have greater nutritional needs and will need to maintain their body temperature. The sheep will also need to have space to live with the added benefit of easy feeding, handling and cleaning. Make sure the housing is well ventilated so you don’t aid to viruses and bacteria which thrive in low quality air. This can cause respiratory diseases in livestock. This is a particular problem for lambs, which are more prone to pneumonia which will result in poor growth.

Lambing: In the winter you will need an insulated area for lambs which are born with very little fat and have little energy reserves so they can’t maintain their body temperatures. Lambs which are exposed to these cold and wet conditions are very vulnerable and there can be a big loss of life if not dealt with correctly.

Pens: Some sheep are divided into separate groups so the farmer can address any nutritional requirements the sheep may need and also provide a safe haven for the newborn lambs and their mothers to have vital time together to introduce them to the world.

Feeding: There are various styles of feeding equipment available when raising sheep. You will need a feeder which is designed to prevent wastage and help all the sheep to eat together and have easy access to the feed. This helps the sheep who are a little nervous to be able to eat at the same pace as the others and get the amount of food. The feeders can be helpful so the feed isn’t dropped and is not at threat of being contaminated.

Drinking Equipment: Sheep do not particularly like dirty water and will not drink it if this is the case. Making sure the watering area is clean is a must and this is to help prevent diseases which can be fatal for livestock, this is the case especially if algae begins to grow. A deep galvanised trough will help or a basic watering device. Water is very important to the sheep nutritional needs and is sometimes forgotten about.

Labour/Work Load: We may overlook this but you do need to make sure you have assigned adequate work and labour time. It is essential for productivity and your stock will certainly suffer if you do not put in the time especially in the lambing season.

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